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About Onyx Groups

Onyx Groups

J. Stephen Senthil Kumar

Managing Director

Mr. J. Stephen Senthil Kumar (Managing Director) who is a dynamic personnel and key figure in the business Onyx Groups.

Onyx Group of Companies includes Onyx Realtors, Onyx Charitable Trust,. Onyx Group, was established since 1999 in the business.

Onyx Group is the one you can count on. The Onyx group with various companies has a turnover of over to the companies profit and is growing into a large global provider of content to Real estate, Charitable Trust and others.

The management is committed to giving the best performance. The management consists of some of the most experienced individuals in the industry, as well as young qualified enthusiast. The management of the company travels extensively and are well regarded The management also shares good personal relationship with the clients and staffs.

Onyx Groups
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